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I’ll save the more detailed or coherent story of my quest to move to New Hampshire for another post. Right now I just want to explain why I’m documenting whatever this turns out to be. Failure? Major life/lifestyle change? Somewhere in the middle? If you don’t know me well you don’t know that there’s no telling. I’m neither erratic nor predictable. Bottom line: you might not want to bet money on me but if I were you I’d never count me out, either. Well, until I’m verifiably dead, anyway.

Campton, New Hampshire, United States
Campton, New Hampshire (Photo: Wikipedia)

I’ve complicated my life in various ways a few times in my nearly 50 years of living. Mostly nothing major, but definitely things that made it difficult to reach the places in life where I’ve had more peace and less worry. I guess I came out of my parents’ home programmed to screw up for a few years. Not blaming, just stating facts. My parents passed on some strengths along with their own special mix of insanity. This makes me fear change to the point that I am able to grit my teeth through a lot of crap for a good long time. And it has, at least three times, given me the guts to make big changes in my life. Here lately I have been warning my husband that another big change is coming, and I’m aiming for it to happen sooner rather than later.

This isn’t about marital/relationship changes, so don’t worry about that. I plan on making the move together. But I swear to God if I find a way to do it before he’s ready I will leave his ass here and let him figure out the rest of it. I know him well enough to know that he would do that in a hurry. Hell, if he begins to talk less and act more I may be the one scrambling. He’s made some life changes that top anything I’ve done.

There are so many things to think about related to pulling off this move. It’s enough to make me crazy. But I don’t want to think so much about any one thing that it winds up paralyzing me into inaction. So this blog will help me think things through as I get them out into posts. It’ll serve as a repository for information I have thus far been collecting here and there. If any readers have moved to New Hampshire I hope that they will be kind enough to provide input and reality checks often. And if you’re a fellow seeker of liberty and life in the freest state in our union, maybe we can put our heads together and figure out how to get to NH while there’s still enough time to live free before we die.

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