Small business owners rate NH A+ for launching a business

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Hubs ran across two news stories this morning that sparked another conversation about moving. The first was not a good one. Apparently the state of New York has, HIPPA be damned, been rifling through records to see who has gotten prescriptions for head meds. These days it’d probably be easier to make a list of people who haven’t been on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety pills. But anyway, it’s being used as an excuse to disarm folks.

The happier story is further confirmation that New Hampshire is a state that knows how to get out of the way and let entrepreneurs do their thing. From the Union Leader story:

The 2013 study, the second conducted by the Kauffman Foundation for Thumbtack, draws upon data from more than 7,000 small-business owners nationwide who responded to the survey.

The survey takes into account things like the ease of starting a business, the ease of hiring and the nature of zoning regulations. In those three categories, New Hampshire was ranked “A” or A-plus. The lowest score New Hampshire received was a “B” for training and networking programs.

Zoning is a biggie for us. New Hampshire has several towns without zoning ordinances that would prevent us from having our home and businesses on the same property. While our current residence would not be a good fit for my husband’s business even if the neighbors didn’t mind, the fact that I am prohibited from inviting even a single client into my home office is a bit ridiculous.

I’m also not allowed to put up any signage, which I think it reasonable given that I moved into a neighborhood with an HOA and all the neighbors agreed that we’d be a little fussy about what you could and couldn’t do. However, that county signage prohibition extended to a specific mention of car magnets. This was in the county’s initial “congratulations – the county has deigned to issue you a business license” letter I received after applying for a license. Car magnets, for crying out loud! I’d never put a magnet advertising my business on my car anyway, because in my line of work it’s a fairly unprofessional and ineffective means of reaching the clients I seek. But the fact that the county says I mustn’t put a magnet on my car irks me.

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