Out of the mouths of babes

Nice follow-up to yesterday’s post about Dem/GOP control of our elections. If other kids are seeing things like this one, the U.S. may have a future!

Elephants vs. Donkeys
Credit: Total Buzz Blog – Orange County Register

“I hope the Libertarians win tonight,” one of our offspring announced.

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Because I’m a Libertarian,” replied the offspring.

Like you know what a Libertarian is, I thought. You aren’t even old enough to drive. And you definitely aren’t old enough to care about the differences between Republicans and Democrats. And there’s [no] way you know how Libertarians fit into that mix.

“Oh really?” I replied. “Do you know what a Libertarian is?” I mean…neither Christy nor I claim affiliation with the Libertarians. So this announcement was a little surprising.

“Yeah. They believe people and the states should have most of the power and make the decisions. Not the Federal government.”

via The Impact of the 2012 Election on my Children | Life in the Fishbowl.

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