There was sex in the Constitution?

There was sex in the Constitution?

While researching the thought that the Constitution was written with only white, male property owners’ interests in mind, I ran across this interesting discovery by Jan Lewis, a Rutgers University history professor:

Historians who believe that the American Revolution and the new American nation rested on a foundation of republican political thought have generally argued that government represented only those men who had sufficient property to make them independent; government was supposed to be for and by the propertied. To be sure, there was debate in the Convention about whether property or persons were to be represented–and it was the advocates of persons who prevailed. Once representation was shifted off the ground of property and onto that of persons, there was no longer any obvious rationale for excluding women. It would have been quite easy to use the word “men,” but the delegates chose instead the more inclusive “persons,” and in their debates, if not the final, edited version of the Constitution, they made it clear that “persons” included women.

via Common-place: Roundtable: Why the Constitution Includes Women.

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