What We Allow Will Continue

Background information would be helpful if you’re not familiar with Mr. Pond’s case and you haven’t heard of the similar but even more deplorable actions that culminated with Andrew Wordes’ death. You can find these stories on the Internet.

I’ll just give you the bottom line: This is about food rights, economic survival, a few pet hens – no crowing roosters, no meat processing operation – and the ability of a neighbor to tap into her good ol’ boy (or girl, in this case) network to deny Mr. Pond the aforementioned liberties. Throw a few bucks into the fund for legal representation and an appeal, if you are able.

The Perspicacious Conservative


Here we are again.

My friend, Joseph Pond, lost yet another battle with Cobb County on May 8th. The testimony of a neighbor from across the street (not adjacent to the property) determined the fate of Joseph Pond’s variance request:

The second case was my request. A show of hands from the public was eleven people supported and six people did not. I presented my case; three people presented opposition. One person was the President of a local civic organization that has opposed poultry in Cobb County from the beginning. She stated that several of the HOAs surrounding my neighborhood did not support my Variance. My neighborhood does not have an HOA. The second person to oppose is the President of a neighboring HOA. He stated that he and his association did not support my Variance. The third person was a member of the same HOA. During the discussion, an…

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