No zoning, no cry

Though each municipality in New Hampshire has its own rules, regulations and quirks – even the towns on this list – several have no comprehensive zoning ordinances. As I mentioned in a post last month, we are looking to locate our home and businesses on the same property and want to find both a property and a town that are well suited for that.

I’ve spent hours poring over various web sites, data sets and blogger/message board opinions trying to get a feel for places that might be a good fit. I thought it would be helpful to have a visual reference of all these towns, so I built a map of New Hampshire towns with no comprehensive zoning ordinances.

It’s good to see where on the map these places are, but now that I’ve got that down I’m seeing that there’s no depth to the information…beyond the fact that the more northerly towns will be colder. I see more maps and spreadsheets in my future.

Municipality County
Alexandria Grafton
Canaan Grafton
Chatham Carroll
Clarksville Coos
Dalton Coos
Ellsworth Grafton
Errol Coos
Grafton Grafton
Haverhill Grafton
Lempster Sullivan
Orford Grafton
Pittsburg Coos
Rumney Grafton
Stark Coos
Stewartstown Coos
Tamworth Carroll
Warren Grafton
Wentworth Grafton
Woodstock Grafton
New Hampshire Towns with No Comprehensive Zoning View the interactive map on Google

UPDATE: I’ve taken the spreadsheet from the ManchHampshire Project and filtered out towns with zoning ordinances. It’s a quick way to see location, population, home values and tax burden. You can find my filtered spreadsheet here.

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