Did you ever think you’d see the day…

Did you ever think you'd see the day...

…when a United States citizen – who by all accounts loves his country – would be forced to seek safety in Russia?

I grew up in the Cold War era, and it is unfathomable to me that Russia is Snowden’s best hope. I don’t think that the U.S. government can save face at all given their disregard for privacy except when it comes to their unethical and illegal behavior. But I realize they’re desperate enough to try anything except sitting idly by while Snowden, Russ Tice and others expose them in all their nefarious glory.

To: Federal Migration Service
of the Russian Federation

From: Edward Joseph Snowden
United States Citizen


I hereby request your considering the possibility of granding to me temporary asylum in the Russian Federation.

Edward Snowden
15 July 2013

Russia receives Snowden temporary asylum request — RT News

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