James Altucher thinks you’re brainwashed

Chimpanzee brain - Science Museum, London
Chimpanzee brain – Science Museum, London
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who brainwashed you? Parents, friends, teachers, government, media, entertainment, advertising, the education system, the banking system, and organized religion. In that order although they are all interrelated.

…It’s a massive recruiting machine that tries to keep us from our true happiness by redefining happiness in various ways that are inaccurate and even harmful.

From James Altucher’s post at The Altucher Confidential – “The Ten Commandments of James-Ism (or insert your own name)

Why would anyone, actively or subtly, work to distort your thinking?

Because everybody – even your mom – has their own agenda. They want you to buy into it. The end goals of our “brainwashers” may not always be bad things, but simply accepting what we’re told, or what “everybody” knows or does means we’re not doing the mental work necessary to choose our best options as individuals. It can also mean we buy into lies, or distortions so gross they’re the equivalent of lies.

Think. Question. Reject where necessary.

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