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Subsidies don’t change cost

Though free-market opponents may not acknowledge the government/health insurer collusion that has produced today’s unaffordable marketplace, I would think the more aware among them realize that PPACA underwrites some of the most expensive elements of the system.

When the full financial impact of the health care legislation begins hitting individuals, its proponents will undoubtedly scream for more subsidies. But as Forbes’ Avik Roy wrote, “subsidies don’t reduce the underlying cost of care. They only excuse the high prices that manufacturers and service providers already charge.”

If people have to bear more of the cost of their health care, there will be pushback and prices will eventually come down. If you’re insured, take a look at the bill from your last doctor’s visit or insurance company “Explanation of Benefits” and find the actual amount charged.

What if you had to pay the full amount for that visit instead of just your co-pay?

What if you had to pay the full cost of your health insurance instead of the part left over after your employer pays their share?

Would you just pay it? Would you complain? Would you feel it’s fair but not be able to afford it, so you’d think twice before going to the doctor in the future?

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