And So It’s Come to This….

They want the African-American votes, but not the African-Americans. They want the libertarian votes, but not the libertarians. They want the Latino votes, but not the Latinos. They want the Tea Party votes, but not the Tea Partiers.

The numbers are adding up, and some day soon enough people will have said “screw you” to the Republican establishment that they will get the irrelevance they deserve.

Virginia Black Conservatives

Five years ago I left a position in the Department of Homeland Security to attend law school. It was my second appointment under the administration of President George W. Bush. Neither political appointment was a senior position but they were positions that I look back on with much pride. I learned a great deal from many wise and thoughtful individuals. I was allowed to comment and affect policy in ways many twenty-something only dream of and I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity afforded to me during my time in D.C.  And I looked forward to what appeared to be a promising political future. Apparently others in the Republican Party (primarily state and district leaders) had different plans for me.

From August 2008 to the present, I have been lied to, repeatedly, by party officials concerning plans and intentions regarding outreach to minority communities, I have had high level party…

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