She didn’t say “redneck”

I’ve been at the Type-A Bloggers conference here in Atlanta this weekend. I was invited to teach a hands-on session and also to take part in all the other conference sessions and activities. It’s been a great experience, and an eye-opening one with regard to writing, marketing and generally inventing – or reinventing oneself. I’ve met several people I’d like to stay connected to.

On the opening day of the conference I met a fellow libertarian and former Californian who, within the last few years, moved to Texas for many of the same reasons we plan to move to New Hampshire. She and I were chatting over breakfast yesterday morning – general things about moving, homesteading-type stuff, zoning – and when a 20-ish woman seated next to us overheard our conversation she said something like, “You have to be careful about where you live in New Hampshire.”

When pressed for details I learned that there were people in some areas that listen to COUNTRY MUSIC. Oh, my…

I smiled. I’m thinking to myself, “You mean like Douglasville and half of Georgia?,” as well as that I’m pretty open-minded about music and have eclectic taste that includes some country music every now and then.

Even better was that the young lady was from Massachusetts. While decrying the type of person that greater freedom and liberty allows to exist, she extolled the virtues of New Hampshire’s tax-free shopping that saves even MA residents an amazing amount of money. I just grinned.

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