Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club

Who wouldn’t want to support a fancy-schmantzy resort in Douglas County, Georgia?

Below is some of what I told the Douglas County Board of Commissioners in this morning’s meeting. I don’t always think well on my feet (unless I’m in a particularly snarky mood – then you’d better watch out), so it helps to gather my thoughts in writing.

My dog didn’t get his usual early-morning walk today.


Because I overslept and there wasn’t time – if I wanted to be at the meeting this morning.

Why did I oversleep?

Because I shut off my alarm when it woke me up, and I went back to sleep.

Why’d I shut off my alarm?

I was tired because I stayed up too late and didn’t get enough sleep.

Why’d I stay up too late?

My husband and I went out to dinner, and it was well after 10:00 PM by the time we left the restaurant.

Why’d we go out so late?

Because we wanted to be at our grandson’s ball game.

It’s pretty easy to see, if you look, how one choice impacts another. How choosing differently at any point along the way could have altered the final outcome. For example, had I gotten up on time despite being very tired, my dog would have had his morning walk. Sometimes the consequences of our choices are small, and sometimes they’re larger, but I have yet to see a choice that is without consequence.

We as individuals and as a group must make choices every day. Constantly. We can’t necessarily avoid the consequences of taking action by choosing to do nothing, because inaction, too, has consequences. If we care about making the best choice – the one with the least negative and most positive outcome – we will seek information that sheds light on the issue from every angle that is reasonably possible.

The time and thought we invest in informing a decision ought to be in direct proportion to its impact. Regardless of the size of the matter at hand, failing to adequately consider one or more of the factors affecting the issue is unlikely to produce the best decision or the best outcome. In the case of something as large as the Foxhall Resort, the impact of inadequate or imbalanced information could be substantial. I fear the Board has not given adequate consideration, among other factors, to the following:

I had to quit writing and get in the shower if I wanted to make the meeting, but I hadn’t managed to get to my point, which was kind of important. So once I arrived at “Citizens Hall” (that name always makes me cringe a little), while waiting for the meeting to start I used my phone to add these notes to myself, and tried my best to wing it when I had the mic:

public money supporting one business but not another

committing a group of people in financial turmoil to pick up the pieces if this fails. 14+ pages of foreclosures

Merrill’s track record. evidence of colossal failures easily found.

I forgot to say something about the demise of two other conference venues in the county, due at least in part to the new City of Douglasville conference center. And I meant to say something about the affect a new Foxhall conference center would have on the Douglasville conference center. But I had to think and speak quickly, and I forgot. I probably did reach them at least a little bit. I heard from others who told me they’d e-mailed the board after reading about the issue yesterday, and I’m sure that helped. When the meeting progressed to the agenda item for the Foxhall resolution there was a lot of talk from the Commissioners as well as the Chairman about how this wasn’t an actual commitment of public funds, we could back out at any time, blah blah blah…

I also had some interesting conversations after the meeting that I’d like to share, but that’ll be another post. Nothing really juicy – just things you should know if you live here in Douglas.

So, as we expected they might, the Board passed the resolution unanimously. There was, fortunately, the addition of a stipulation to hold a public meeting before they commit to doing anything. So all of you Douglas Countians have a shot at influencing the Board’s final decision. I strongly suggest you avail yourselves of that opportunity then, as well as using the time in the interim to let them know how you feel.

Here, in its entirety, is the resolution that was passed:


WHEREAS, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners has routinely relied on the Development Authority of Douglas County (the “Authority”) as the economic development agent for the County in light of its mission to encourage the development of industry, commerce, trade, and tourism in Douglas County; and

WHEREAS, the Authority has investigated the viability of the project known as the 350 room Westin Resort and Conference Center and Golf Course located in the 1100 acre Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club in southwest Douglas County (the “Foxhall Project”); and

WHEREAS, following its extensive investigation the Authority unanimously recommends that the County provide financing for public improvements at the Foxhall Project, including a conference center, exhibition hall, and certain infrastructure improvements (the “Public Foxhall Project Improvements”), contingent upon the Foxhall Project securing approximately $100 Million in debt and equity to fund the remainder of the project; and

WHEREAS, the County and the Authority believe that public-private undertakings successfully encourage new and sustained investment by the private sector in Douglas County, resulting in the creation of jobs, the promotion of industry, commerce, trade and tourism, and a significant increase in the overall tax digest of the County; and

WHEREAS, the County and the Development Authority agree that the development of the Foxhall Project in the Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club is such an activity.

NOW, THEREFORE, it is RESOLVED by the DOUGLAS COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS that the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners is authorized to initiate discussions with the Development Authority for the purpose of the development of a potential financing structure for the Public Foxhall Improvements.

It is further RESOLVED that a representative be appointed by the County Commission Chairman and same is directed to perform appropriate due diligence concerning the feasibility and financial structuring options for the Public Foxhall Improvements, and to prepare a preliminary draft of an intergovernmental agreement between the Commission and the Authority to accomplish the potential financing of the Public Foxhall Improvements.

It is further RESOLVED that the adoption of this Resolution shall not create binding responsibilities upon the County concerning the Foxhall Project until further action is determined by the Board of Commissioners in a public meeting, and no one should rely on the possibility that the County will back public financing in part or whole.

SO RESOLVED this ______ day of October, 2013.


Tom Worthan, Chair

Henry Mitchell, III, District I

Michael Mulcare, District III

Ann Jones Guider, District IV

Kelly Robinson, District II

Lisa Watson, County Clerk

8 thoughts on “Who wouldn’t want to support a fancy-schmantzy resort in Douglas County, Georgia?”

    1. Le Jardin Blanc, an event venue near downtown Douglasville, recently ceased operations. They may have gone into foreclosure – I’m not clear on that. Also, The Centre at Arbor Connection could not compete with the Douglasville conference center and its owners sold, as I understand it.

      So, to be more accurate I should have said “event venues,” but the net result is that there is only so much of that business to be had, and the Douglasville conference center negatively impacted local business owners.

      If the Foxhall conference center is built and it is county owned, the city and county will be competing for a lot of the same business. Chris Pumphrey thinks they appeal to different markets, but I’m not so sure.


  1. Actually, I am the facility manager at The Centre at Arbor Connection and we have not sold or went under. I am sitting in my office now as my staff sets up for a two day conference this week. We also have two weddings on Saturday along with an off site catering event. We are doing well and are here to stay for a long time. Rosco and Sam from Sam and Rosco’s Restaurants are still the owners and Rosco is here at The Centre every day.



    1. Thank you for letting me know that, Beverly. My source was good, but obviously wrong.

      Good to know you’re doing well. I’ve been to The Centre and it’s a really nice venue.

      To anyone else reading: I don’t like giving out wrong information, so if you have better info than I do, please do like Beverly and let me know.


  2. Not a problem, thank you for the compliment on our venue. We need to get you back out here for another event. We have competitors that have been trying to spread that word about us for the last 4 years. So when I saw what you had posted in your blog I had a pretty good idea you were thinking about us.
    Our dear friends Jerri and Suzanne at Le Jardin Blanc have decided to retire. They will be closing at the end of October when they finish their last event. I believe the house has already been sold to another business but, not one in the wedding industry (if I remember correctly from my conversation with Jerri).



  3. How much will we be paying our county attorney to close the deal? How much have we already paid our county attorney to gather any needed information? Has anyone checked on that? Will it be the same amount that we paid him at the school board to negotiate the school bonds? If you’ve lived in Douglas County for any amount of time you will realize there are always other reasons and “others” behind “these projects”. What revenue will a 350 room hotel and conference center bring to Douglas County? What is the ROI over the next number of years? Where can we find an ROI itemized report or proposal? And who, what individuals will help secure the 100 million?


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