Can’t get my head completely around the fact that we’ll soon hit the road for NH and PorcFest.

It’s a massively long drive. I’ve done those before with less worry (although in one instance, my cross-country move, I should have worried more). I’m not sure I’ve looked forward to a trip as much, though, so anxiety will ultimately have to kiss my rear end.

I’m more anxious about what could happen on the drive than anything else. We’ve already decided to take the route that bypasses a lot of "the shit," as hubby and I have labeled the collection of statist metropolises lining the more travelled route up the east coast. There’s probably no reasonable route that avoids a couple of the worst offenders, though.

Right wingers reading this might think "If you’re not doing anything wrong, why would you worry?" Mm. Right.

While it’s less likely that a couple of sober, drug-free white folks driving an average-looking vehicle will be pulled over, it’s a helluva lot more probable in some places than others. And let’s be honest – if you were driving 1200+ miles could you keep from exceeding the prescribed speed limit at all, every mile of the way?

Municipalities need ticket revenue to prop up bloated budgets. Or they hope to find cause to seize profitable assets. We don’t want to waste time playing this game – whether it’s cooperating to move it along quickly or telling them to take a hike if they ask to search our car.

We won’t have anything the government says we shouldn’t have, in case you’re wondering.

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