Happy Father’s Birth-Day

Brian’s birthday is so close to Father’s Day that the kids – cheapskate jokesters that they are – almost always present him with a single gift around that time, and wish him a “Happy Father’s Birth-Day.”

I designed this poster a few years ago as a birthday gift for Brian (I don’t celebrate “Father’s Birth-Day”). Had it printed via on heavyweight poster paper, and the framed print hangs at Ott Gun Works.

He gets a lot of comments on the poster, so I made it available for purchase on Zazzle. We’ve sold several, but the prices are very high even with little markup and if the customer opts for Zazzle’s “value” poster paper.

Yesterday I stumbled on TeeChip (referral link). Actually, I’ve known about them for some time but they only recently started printing posters, and I noticed the great reviews.

TeeChip doesn’t have Zazzle’s fancy-pants paper choices, but since most of our buyers there chose the “value” poster paper option I think most people will appreciate TeeChip’s pricing. Now we can offer the poster at half the price but make twice what we earned through Zazzle.

We’re doing an initial run for $15.99 that should ship in time for Father’s Day (as well as Father’s Birth-Day, if you’re a cheapskate frugal like our kids), but you’ll have to order before the deadline on Sunday to get in on this printing.

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