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If you’d like to make sure you don’t miss a weekly post, you now have four options:

  1. Remember to show up here Sunday morning around 8 Eastern. I know it’s tough…
  2. Follow Wandering Porcupine with your account and/or reader app & check it Sunday morning.
  3. Sign up to have posts delivered via e-mail. You get the whole thing – not just excerpts.
  4. Subscribe to the blog on Kindle to have it automatically delivered to your device(s). This one’s not free, but it’s cheap (99¢ per month…I think I get like 25¢ of it). Good for reading offline.

Do whatever is convenient enough that you show up here, because that’s the important thing, right? No, the chores you should’ve done Saturday are not important on Sunday 🙂

Wandering Porcupine
I ❤ my porcupine. (It’s fine to save the image if you ❤ it, too 🙂 )