RV Entrepreneur Summit-Bound – Minus RV

RV EntrepreneurI bought a ticket for the RV Entrepreneur Summit being held in Fredricksburg, Texas in February. Only one. When I told Brian early bird tickets were about to go on sale and we should go, he said it would cost us $10,000.

I thought he exaggerated that figure for effect. To what extent I didn’t know. But I did accept his argument that closing the shop long enough for us to make the drive in the RV, do the summit, and drive home would mean a big financial hit. Plus fuel. Plus campground fees. So, fine – one ticket

That was one more than he wanted me to buy.

After I bought that single ticket I started thinking about how lame it would be to have to stay at a motel instead of on site and in our RV. I began to ponder the feasibility of taking the RV to Texas by myself.

I could take my time driving, since without Brian there’d be no pressure to minimize time away from the shop. I planned to learn how to drive the rig and handle all its systems anyway. The Summit would just force a six-month deadline on the process.

Even though RV sites for the Summit were refundable up to a point, I hesitated. If I booked one I was signing up for a much more expensive trip. Also, in our discussion about the Summit, Brian reminded me that not only did I not know how to drive the 41+ foot beast, but I had yet to set up and manage all its systems on my own.

In the end, my hesitation resulted in having the decision about taking the RV made for me. Other attendees booked out every single site in the park hosting the Summit within a few hours of tickets going on sale. Early bird tickets sold out too, by the way.

Wanting to keep my options open, I reserved the cheapest area motel room advertised on Expedia. Another round of tickets will go on sale next month. I worried that once that happened it would be hard to find a place to stay.

The motel I chose has no cancellation penalty, however unless there’s a show-stopping event in our lives I plan on attending the Summit. Even though there’ll be a cost involved, from what I’ve read and witnessed the event is a net positive in terms of networking and creative ideas. I have seen the light about taking the RV, though.

The only way the RV goes to Texas in February is if crazy-good things come at us at the speed of light, and we can both attend. Even then we’d have to camp offsite.

The way things are looking now, I’ll drive the SUV, stay at the cheap-ass motel, and be glad for the whole experience.

Question of the day: How to pay for it all?

The focus of the RV Entrepreneur Summit is on ways to live and work from an RV while traveling. That is our primary concern now.

Even though we have some ideas, and two existing businesses we could run, nothing is for certain. Networking and learning from others who’ve been where we’re at could provide enough insight and connections to make a difference.

Or it could be just another expense, at a time when we’re attempting to eliminate discretionary spending and get on the road. Somehow, I think it will be more than that.

Brian and I are in a good spot. After the hit of buying the RV and about seventeen dozen other related purchases, we are once again aggressively tackling debt. If we can eliminate all debt but our (two…ugh) homes (S&B + RV), it’s possible we could afford to move to a campground. That step would help us more easily get our house on the market.

I’ve been blessed by an influx of small and small-ish website-related jobs, despite zero marketing and only unrelated networking. Past clients, friends, reputation and word of mouth have all played a part. I really enjoy the flexibility and variety of these smaller projects and helping people in a very targeted way.

I realize I can’t count on a continually full queue without figuring out how to let the right people know why they can trust me to help. Since 2009, that has been part of the fun(?) of being a self-employed introvert.

If the work slows down, I’ll venture into the Upwork scene and learn to work that site for gigs.

Side-job-sized income alone isn’t hit-the-road money. But it doesn’t have to be. I have stopped looking for silver-bullet solutions and started putting one foot in front of the other, earning a little here, a little there.

It’s a far more realistic and enjoyable solution than crying because no one wants to spend $10K on a website.

Journey of 1,000 li
A li = 360 miles, so Lao Tzu’s actual advice was around a 360,000-mile journey.
p.s. – If you have problems with or need upgrades to your website, please visit me at the simpler web. I help with all kinds of little things that give normal people headaches.

8 thoughts on “RV Entrepreneur Summit-Bound – Minus RV”

  1. Good for you. I miscalculated the time difference thinking Central time was 2 hours from me rather than 3 so the tickets ran out about 30 minutes before I logged on to get mine. They are releasing more in about a week so I’m going to set my alarm to the correct time so I can be sure to get my ticket.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! Keeping my fingers crossed for you, but my guts tell me you’re in.

        BTW, I decided I wanted to be on site badly enough that I reserved a tent site and am cancelling my hotel room. It’ll be a fun adventure!


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