A Bittersweet Week

This past week was rough. We are rejoicing over the birth of our granddaughter Chelsea, an event that trumps all.

Chelsea was born on her Auntie Amanda’s birthday, in case Amanda needed a sign from the universe that she ought to be Chelsea’s personal fairy godmother. Auntie Michelle – formerly squeamish about anything potentially involving blood – stayed nearby to support her laboring sister throughout the two-day ordeal.

Hopefully she’ll be on her way home with her mommy and daddy before another day goes by. A C-section and related minor complications have made the docs extra vigilant (and poor mommy extra uncomfortable 😦 ).

The morning before Chelsea was born, her paternal grandmother passed away after a long illness. It was heartbreaking that her daddy couldn’t be with his mom. But at the same time it was as if she left to make way for this new chapter in her son’s life.

Later that same day, I arrived home to find that Laurie had had a terrible fall and worsened matters by struggling to get up for as long as she could. I sobbed uncontrollably as I carried her outside and called Brian.

I knew if we tried to help her recover from the accident it would be difficult and selfish, which just made me cry harder. After rushing her to the vet and talking things over with him, I decided to help her pass painlessly and peacefully.

We are heartbroken. Yes, our lives are simpler without all of the care having an elderly Greyhound entails. But we miss our girl.

John Lee has played second fiddle to special needs dogs since we first brought him into our home. We will make it up to him. We will go for more walks, and ignore him less. He’s not so young anymore, a fact that is not lost on us.

If I’m doing it right, life will always have its highs and lows, its better and worse times. There’s no need to get too far down about anything or too attached to the easier times. All will come and go.

Somehow, the universe works together as it should, every time.

6 thoughts on “A Bittersweet Week”

  1. Awwww, I know this has to be very rough for you. I’m starting to cry right now just imagining the day I’m going to lose either of my girls. It’s heartbreaking. Nothing I can say makes it better, so Just know that I’m thinking of you and I totally understand. 😞

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    1. Thank you, Kelly. Laurie’s size was a complication that pretty much forced our hand. Trixie & Gizmo are small enough that you could better help them recover from an accident that might otherwise cut their lives short. Still, we almost always outlive our dogs. At some point, we always have to let go. It sucks. 😥 Please tell your girls to stay out of trouble at least until I meet them IRL 🙂

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  2. Wow, so many incredible highs and incredible lows all in a day. Bittersweet is definitely one way to put it. Chelsea is a beautiful baby. Hopefully she and mom will get to go home very soon. And again, I’m so sorry about your beautiful Laurie. We’ve been there and had to make the same decisions in the same way. It just sucks. If only they could live as long as us. You’re in our thoughts…..

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