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Our Dutch Star [ An Almost Totally Amateur Video Production ]

I wanted to make a quick and dirty video while we had the RV home a couple of weekends ago, so we could show you all the changes we made as we readied it for full-time life. Problem was, cameraphone video is pretty much all I’ve ever done. Using my phone would almost certainly have produced better results, but it lacked the storage capacity to handle our 20+ minute walkthrough.

So…you guys get video shot with our DSLR. Higher res. But more difficult to manage, as you’ll see. Still, if you can overlook the crazy/blurry spots you’ll see everything we did. It would have been even worse a video had Scott Fisher, a friend from my favorite Facebook group, not cleaned it up and stitched it together. I hesitated to attach his name to this project but wanted to make it clear I had help and that I appreciate it tremendously. And also that Scott is not responsible for the crazy camera work!

Our Walk-Through

Here’s the video I shot (sorry). I’ve added notes in spots to clarify some of the points covered. After you watch, let us know in the comments if you have questions about anything we did, or about the RV itself.

Video Slideshow

These photos were taken by Day Bros. RV, a dealership in Kentucky that sold the Dutch Star to Gordon, its previous owner. This is pretty much what it looked like when we bought it earlier this year, two or three years after these photos were taken.

Well, it looked like this after you remove all the staging accoutrements and turn off the televangelist on the TVs.

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