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The wheels are in motion

A little over three weeks ago I received an e-mail from Brian with this subject line:

Something to consider

It was an unconventional way to sell our house.

Eh, what the hell, I thought. I sent one photo, briefly described our house, and about a half hour later I had a purchase offer in my inbox. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t a completely lowball offer.

There’s more to it than that, and I plan a writeup with details once the dust settles. But the long and short of it is this:

We sold our house yesterday. No listing. No agents. And without the agony of nitpicky buyers disrupting us in the middle of dinner or haggling over price because the bathroom faucet leaks.

It’s official – we’re real RVers

Ya, I know we’ve owned an RV for just about a year. We (mostly Brian) have fixed or upgraded dozens of things. But you’re not a real RVer until shit breaks and/or  you’ve had water damage.

This weekend we had the RV home for the first time in months. Despite our desire to annoy our asshole neighbor, we had too much going on to bring it home just to play with it. Today Brian wanted to drain the antifreeze, fill up the fresh water, and check everything out.

All faucets and plumbing seemed A-OK. If you have an RV you know it’s just a matter of time before something goes wrong, but I was grateful that wasn’t happening today.

Not so fast, my friend…

I gathered things we bought for the RV and carried them in, and removed things we planned to sell in our estate sale. As we were talking about what to do next I looked down where a bedroom wall meets the floor and saw an ever-so-slight mottling.


Thought it might be that we hadn’t used enough DampRid over the winter. Except when we looked across the bedroom doorway it was even fuzzier. It seemed like for some reason moisture was coming up from below.

Guess that’s a blessing because roof leaks damage everything, top to bottom.

A few minutes later Brian discovered that the bay under the bedroom was fuzzy. This is where the tanks are. As near as we can figure, he may have had the tank completely full when he parked it earlier in the season, and it was on a slant. It could have leaked out then. Nothing in the bay was damp today.

Dodged a bullet, we think, although we know we’ll need to keep an eye on it to make sure there wasn’t more to it.

While we were looking at the fuzzy bay Brian spotted dripping from above the bay on the opposite side of the RV. This is what’s affectionately known as the wet bay – where you empty out your black (crap) and grey (dirty water) tanks.

There wasn’t a good way to get a clear look at where this leak was coming from, because it was behind a panel with a whole lotta things attached to it. Faucet/outdoor shower, water filters, and more. Fortunately we could see enough without disconnecting everything once he removed the screws holding the panel in place.

The toilet. Ugh.

Seems like it’s just the lever. Not a huge deal. Well, if you’re Brian it isn’t.

I’m good at spotting problems. There’s something to be said for that – especially if it prevents larger catastrophes. Right? 🙂

But wait – there’s more

We are going to live in a park. Not an RV park. An actual park.

We’ve accepted a volunteer camp hosting position at a nearby state park we love. Starting midsummer we get to live at the edge of a reservoir surrounded by trees. We’ll work in exchange, but nothing crazy (in my opinion). I could be wrong, but it seems as though we’re getting a great deal.

We’ll hold our estate sale in mid-May, and close the deal on the house a few days after. Before the sale we’ll load up the RV with some combination of what will fit and what we think we need, and head to an RV park not far away.

No more house.

Brian will continue running the shop for a few more months. His call on exactly when he’ll close.

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On the way into a campground we checked out yesterday for a possible longer yet close-by #RV excursion. It was less paved & a bit more rustic than Little Tallapoosa, where we stayed earlier in the month. But I liked all the shade. That & the flat layout & lack of pavement would be better for our 14-year-old #greyhound, who's weakening in her hind legs. No sewer – only a dump station. Also, several longer-term occupants – some with older, run-down rigs. But looks/feels safe & is quiet. Between that & the $100/week price & (most importantly) that it'd be better for the dogs ☺️, I think we'll give the place a try next month. #RVlife #trlt #georgia #westgeorgia #campground #latergram #unfiltered

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And then what?

For me, some combination of working on A Fearless Venture, workamping and writing.

Brian is thinking of enrolling in RV tech school. He’s so good at figuring crap out and making it work, and that talent goes beyond firearms.

If he really wants to do RV tech work that’s cool with me. But he’s also an ace project manager and good god almighty does this creative girl need that. He promises that if my business takes off “he’ll be my bitch.”

So, y’all know what my 2018 goals are.

6 thoughts on “The wheels are in motion”

  1. Good luck and have fun, remember if its easy its not an adventure 🙂

    My plan is to rent the house to the kids lol mortgage is paid in 9 years and counting, buy or build a RV, travel, explore and have fun, when we are to old for that throw the kids out of the house 😉

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