Me & B #futuresobright
Hi there. I’m Teresa and I currently live in Georgia with my husband Brian and our Greyhounds Laurie and John Lee. I’m an INTJ, a writer and a fixer/creator of websites. Brian is a gunsmith, firearms appraiser/expert and beer aficionado.

When I originally launched this blog it was as an outlet for frustration over being subject to the whims of our current city, county and state governments. We planned to move to New Hampshire in support of the Free State Project, so you’ll find posts about that, too.

The obstacles we have encountered along the way seem all for the best now, as our struggles and delays brought revelations that have changed our course for the better. You can read about our path to that decision here.

In 2016, Brian and I put our New Hampshire plans on indefinite hold when we discovered we each held a secret desire to travel, live and work in an RV.

We still support the Free State Project and its efforts to free our country from the left/right stranglehold, and in New Hampshire the ROI on that kind of work seems markedly better than anywhere else in the U.S. But we are also weary from traditional activism, which requires us to organize and motivate large groups of people to influence legislators that don’t seem to care about any of us. Three or four strikes against ya right there.

Wouldn’t it be better, I thought, to focus on ways we can live free now instead of complaining about ways we are not free? Even though in some ways it feels like the worst of times, we are living in an age of technological wonders and a time in which we are not alone in our desire to escape the life everyone expects us to live. I know we’re not the only ones yearning to trade the harsh glow of streetlights for the twinkle of a hundred billion stars.

So what we’re going to try here is to accentuate the positive 🙂 For example, access to actually-affordable, actual healthcare. Places where you’re free to trade or sell your expertise to earn a livelihood. Ways to live a sustainable life that have nothing to do with environmental regulation.

Can’t promise exactly what we’ll discover because we’re not out there yet, but based on friends’ accounts we’re in for a much-appreciated dose of living free. I welcome you along for the ride 🙂