Our Journey

The obstacles we’ve encountered in our quest for a freer life seem all for the best now, as struggles and delays brought revelations that changed our course for the better. Naturally the roadblocks are a lot easier to appreciate in hindsight 🙂

When the road ahead gets tough – and it will – looking back over the journey chronicled in the posts below ought to remind us that there’s always a way forward.



Firehouse Exterior The Low End of the Market is an Ugly Place to Be - If you’re reading this post without benefit(?) of some of the older posts on this blog, you might not know that my husband Brian and I plan to move to New Hampshire. The reasons for this are threefold: a better economic climate, a saner political climate, and an actual four-seasons climate. One replete with fresh mountain… Continue reading The Low End of the Market is an Ugly Place to Be

Berlin Firehouse Office What Lies at the Low End - This is part 2 of my previous post, “The Low End of the Market is an Ugly Place to Be.” If you haven’t already read that post you might want to head there first. “After 44 miles and $9.00 in tolls, I have reached the promised land.” I felt a little giddy reading Brian’s text.… Continue reading What Lies at the Low End

Feeling trapped Outside the Box – Part One - It’s been eight months since I spilled my guts all over the page in a post about our experience in the low end of New Hampshire’s housing market (a place that seemed to be the best we could hope for). B’s 1200-mile trip to inspect the firehouse was months before that. The lack of progress was… Continue reading Outside the Box – Part One

We're high on the smell of new RVs. Outside the Box – Part Two - Last week I wrote about my (now our – hooray!) idea to downsize to an RV to save on living expenses. If you missed it or need to refresh your memory, you can read it here. The OCDG Returns Before the day the RV idea came to me in the shower, all I knew about RVs was… Continue reading Outside the Box – Part Two

Silver Comet Trail by Teresa Rosche Ott How We’ll Earn Enough To Sustain Full-Time Rv Life - ^ That is the big question, and to be honest we don’t have more than ideas. At least one may be a pretty good idea. This we do know: If we make the right choices, living in an RV is less expensive than living in a house (which is why we initially decided to do… Continue reading How We’ll Earn Enough To Sustain Full-Time Rv Life

New-to-Us 2003 Newmar Dutch Star Anxiety In The Balance - I kept waking up last night. I was cold. Or I had a foot or leg cramp. Or my brain simply decided 1:05, 2:30, 4:17, etc., were good times to try thinking through situations I hadn’t settled during normal waking hours. The night before was even worse; I had food poisoning. If I’d just pulled… Continue reading Anxiety In The Balance