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Improve or Start A Website or Blog

At A Fearless Venture, I support ambitious entrepreneurs, bloggers and other mavericks who are forging their own path on the web. A Fearless Venture offers both free and paid resources for people who’ve rejected the so-called American Dream to build and grow their own businesses.

Current and future topics, tutorials and services primarily revolve around WordPress, and include website speed, website security, solving website problems, design, blogging, productivity, search engine optimization and other web-centric issues.

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A Fearless Venture

Fix Or Trick Out A Firearm

Ott Gun Works, Brian’s full-service gunsmithing shop, will operate until we hit the road sometime in 2018. If you’re looking for a trustworthy gunsmith who does quality work, Brian’s your guy.

Brian is a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) and can accept work shipped from outside the area. Please use the contact form on the Ott Gun Works website to inquire before sending work.

  • Repairs
  • Upgrades
  • Refinishing
  • Transfers

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Ott Gun Works

Get Expert Advice on A Firearm

We are currently operating OnSite Firearm Appraisal on a limited basis, and will focus on it full time once we hit the road. We will offer unbiased appraisals for estates and collectors, as well as opinions and advice to firearm owners or purchasers.

  • On-site appraisals for estates or collectors
  • Unbiased – we do not buy or sell firearms
  • Affordable expert opinions (available now online) to help:
    • Determine a fair selling price
    • Find out a fair buying price
    • Find out if a firearm is worth repairing or upgrading
    • Make a decision on a gun listed at or other sales site
  • AGI certified
  • USPAP compliant

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OnSite Firearm Appraisal

Trade Services

Simbi is an interesting trading platform. You don’t necessarily need to trade service-for-service directly as they use a sort of currency. This means you can “pay” for a service with it or trade your own service. Simbi gives you enough of this currency (called Simbis) for doing things like filling out your profile or connecting social media.

I currently offer two services on Simbi that would work for quick fixes or coaching. Check it out and reach out to me there if you’d like to barter.

Simbi (signup)

My Services (my services available on Simbi)

Add Basic SEO to Your Website or Blog

5 No-Cost Ways to Boost Your SEO is a super-short, super-basic SEO guide I wrote for non-technical people who manage their own websites. It’s available on Amazon for $1.49.

Learn to Make Your Own Yogurt

Simple Mason Jar Yogurt is a short book with step-by-step directions for making traditional dairy yogurt or dairy-free / vegan yogurt.

Yogurt-making directions are all over the internet, but many are unnecessarily complicated or don’t provide good results. Simple Mason Jar Yogurt explains enough so you understand the process and can improvise where needed, but doesn’t get bogged down in microbiology lessons. Available on Amazon for $3.99.