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Our WordPress Site Care service keeps your website site safe and healthy so you can just blog or sell without getting bogged down in technical BS.

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Whether you need a quick tweak or it’s something more involved, we can help.

Use our Quick Tasks service for help tackling a variety of common website tech support issues. Get Help Time when you need flexible support – to get through technical fixes, for one-on-one video guidance that equips you to handle recurring tasks, or both.

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Sick of losing visitors and money because of speed issues? We’ll analyze and identify what makes your site slow, then use our tried-and-true tools and tactics to improve your WordPress site’s performance and speed.

Not yet ready for pro-level optimization, but want to know what you can do to speed up your WordPress website on your own? Our 7 Days to a Speedier WordPress Website program provides step-by-step guidance through a handful of low-tech/high-ROI changes you can do on your own.

DIY Basic SEO for Your Website or Blog

5 No-Cost Ways to Boost Your SEO is a super-short, super-basic SEO guide I wrote for non-technical people who manage their own websites. It’s available on Amazon for $1.49.